Small House With 3-BEDROOMS + Balcony

Small House With 3-BEDROOMS + 2 Balcony --- Small house designed with balcony with bedrooms built on limited land have become popular house designs lately. The following house design might be the house design you've been looking for. So, check out Small House With 3-BEDROOMS + Balcony.


The facade of this house is well designed by placing wood slats on the staircase area to the roof deck. This design can be a good choice to make the house look more modern. Coupled with an interesting color combination with various beautiful exterior details, it makes the facade of the house even more gorgeous. Although small, but don't worry because this house has a roof deck, which you can make a place to relax and gather.

Living area

Entering the house there is a living area with a fairly large area and an attractive and modern look. A sectional sofa like this is also a perfect idea to make this living area feel modern. Although it looks small, but with the right arrangement of various interior designs, the living area feels more comfortable and spacious.

Kitchen and dining area

Not far from the living area, there is a kitchen and dining area that is designed simply and beautifully. This dining area becomes one with the kitchen area using a wall mounted dining table with marble material combined with non-arm chairs for 4 people which makes the appearance even more beautiful and modern. The kitchen area is also designed minimalist and simple.


This house has 3 bedrooms with various styles. Now we look at one of the bedrooms in this house. This bedroom has a beautiful look with a modern style that has a monochrome color combination. There are windows that make this bedroom even warmer and brighter.

Floor plan

Lets take a look at the detail of this house design, it has :

- Porch
- Living area
- Bathroom
- Kitchen and dining area
- Laundry area
- 3 Bedrooms
- Roof deck

That's Small House With 3-BEDROOMS + Balcony Perhaps this article inspire you to build your own house. 

Author : Devi

Editor : Munawaroh

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