Amazing Before-After Interior Design Looks More Elegant

 Homlovely.comMaximizing the existing space in the dwelling will certainly provide many benefits. You need to have the right design and decoration for the interior so that residents feel comfortable. Below are some before and after interior design ideas that you can replicate and make inspired.

Living room

Look at the appearance of the living room before it is redesigned and redecorated. It looks spacious but less than optimal.

And the results after being redecorated look more amazing and also aesthetic. The dominance of white and gold makes the living room more elegant and fancy.

Family area

A messy room, small size, and wide enough windows appear in the family room before decoration.

Here it is, the family room looks eye-catching with soft and luxurious colors. To balance the wide window in the living room, you can install a mirror attached to the wall to produce an extraordinary illusion.


This balcony looks empty but feels arid. With a high fence, it makes you feel that you don't have a good view.

And the result after decoration, the balcony is more stunning and eye-catching. Even though it has a guardrail that is high enough, you can make it designed as much as possible for a comfortable area to occupy.

Entering area

The usual and monotonous look appears in this entrance area. Empty and standard, you can change it for an aesthetic spot.

The addition of beautiful lights as well as ornamental plants makes the entrance area more colorful and fresh. Don't forget to change the floor to vinyl or ceramic with wood patterns for warm accents.

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Editor      : Munawaroh
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