Aesthetic Home Design with Maximum Lighting

 Homlovely.comIt takes a lot of effort if you want an aesthetic and comfortable residence. And you can apply some of the tips below to that. Let's just look at the reviews below about aesthetic interior design and decoration.

Open-plan interior design

The open concept and without partitions for the interior is indeed very popular. This is in line with occupancy that has a narrow and small size so you have to be smart if you want a comfortable residence. You can combine several rooms into one but still have their respective functions without interfering with each other.

Transparent barrier allows light to enter

In addition to using light tones for the interior, you can use borders that have transparent material. This will allow access to light from outside the house. Thus making the interior brighter and airy.

Aesthetic lamps for mini bar

Beautiful lights will make the design of the house more beautiful. There are many types of lamp models today that you can use as lighting at home. You can adjust the model to the function and size of the room to make it more matching and eye-catching.

Transparent roof for the bathroom and sink area

The use of roofs that have glass or transparent materials is certainly very good. Especially for small rooms such as bathrooms and sink areas. This will make the room brighter and spacious.

Fun design with a window connected to the roof

As a place to relax, you can design the windows in this room to connect to the roof. Besides being able to have light from outside in the room, it can also give you a good outdoor view.

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