Two-Storey Modern House Design in Red Bricks Facade

 Homlovely.comThe appearance of this two-story house with red brick looks stunning and full of modern and elegant impressions. The charm offered from red brick makes the residence fresher and provides comfort for its residents. For that, let's look at the review below to be more complete.

Elegance facade design

The façade of this house looks charming to anyone who sees it. Modern and elegant design makes this house look timeless. Apart from being a wall or fence, the secondary skin that adorns the second floor also uses red brick material to make it more matching and eye-catching.

Mini side garden

The side view of the house that has a space with a width of approximately 1 meter is used neatly. There is a boundary wall that is used as a vertical garden so that the side area of this house can be used as greenery for this two-story house. With good lighting, plants can grow well.

Spacious living room

Interiors that apply an open concept can indeed help overcome a small room as well as a living room that combines the kitchen and dining room, which will make this room look bigger. Coupled with a sliding door divider that limits the interior with the side area of the house, making the residence feel more comfortable.

Minimalist barrier

If you want a divider so that the rooms are not disturbed or have their own privacy, you can install a flexible divider. Many barriers can be used such as shelves, folding walls, glass barriers, and so on.

Kitchen area

The earth-tone display in the kitchen and dining room makes the atmosphere feel in nature. Moreover, the compact design and lighting just right, make this area feel comfortable to use.

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