Top Before-After Small House that Can Amaze You -- Small houses are often considered unattractive by many people. But change that perception when looking at some of these ideas. Small houses still look very beautiful when they have good finishing. For some ideas that you can reference, check out Top Before-After Small Houses that Can Amaze You.

Pretty lighting

This small house looks ordinary when it hasn't entered the perfect finishing stage. For the finishing, the owner can use soft colors combined with matching tones. To make it look more stand out, the lighting on the roof and walls will give a more perfect beauty.

Modern style

If you like modern homes, this idea is highly recommended. The small house has a neat shed roof with a finish that has an elegant look with the addition of black color that matches the masculine modern industrial style. This house will look clean and timeless.

Simple house design

Next, this house has a simple design with a finish that also doesn't have many intricate details. The front area has a raised porch with a white railing that will match the soft colored walls. The owner can add more vibrant colors to the roof area.

Warm look

The simple structure of this small house is instantly forgotten with the warm look of its exterior. The combination of soothing soft colors is combined with warm wood tones on the ceiling and porch railing. This house will look bright during the day and lit up at night.

Neat finish

The last house design uses a combination of light and dark colors applied in a balanced manner. Dark areas use navy and white for light tones. The small porch can still be utilized as a cool relaxing area by adding some customizable furniture.

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