Small House with Roofdeck (Before-After and Interior Design) -- A house requires proper design, both exterior and interior. This idea displays inspiration for exterior finishing as well as interior arrangement with a comfortable and fitting concept. For some details of this small house idea, check out Small House with Roof Deck (Before-After and Interior Design).




This house has an attractive structure with the addition of a spacious roof deck at the front and back. There are pillars that support it so that it can make the roof stronger. To the front there is a small terrace and the rear roof deck can be used as a carport.



Perfect finishing

For a good finish, the owner can use soft, dominant colors. Put white trim on the window frame to make it more attractive. Apart from that, to provide other variations, use dark colors for the roof and roof deck railings such as black, dark gray or navy. Additional lights on the exterior will add to the beauty of the house.



Living room design

The living room can be designed well even if it is small in size. Arranging a sofa in a corner can leave a large space. Owners can add facilities in the form of a television cabinet to the wall area with vertical installation which saves more space.





Kitchen design

The house can also be filled with a kitchen and laundry area that are made close together like this. Arranging the cabinet in a linear manner will make it easier to access these two areas. The choice of soft colors will make the room appear bright and not cramped because the lighting can spread optimally.


Bathroom design

This bathroom has a clever arrangement in a room that is not too large. The combination of mosaic patterns on the walls can be varied so that it doesn't look monotonous. Apart from that, the addition of a glass booth keeps the dry area hygienic and clean.







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