Small Bungalow House Design Sloping Roof | 7 x 8 m Relaxing Interior

Small Bungalow House Design | 7 x 8 m Relaxing Interior -- This house design has a size of 7 x 8 meters, with 2 bedroom facilities suitable for small families. Having a clean and attractive look, the following Small Bungalow House Design | 7 x 8 m Relaxing Interior can be a worthy inspiration! Check out the design details below.

Modern Bungalow Design

Facade Design

This house looks attractive with a simple modern bungalow design style. The facade is boxy, with strong building lines. It looks adorable with a bright soft blue color and a combination of natural rocks on the front side. The lattice ornaments and large glass window models also add to the visual value of the exterior of this house! Simple and eye-catching!

Simple Sloping Roof

Roof Design

For the roof, this house uses a very simple sloping roof. Consisting of a single roof with a wide size to provide maximum protection for the building. Especially for the terrace and the windows for more shade. The design is simple, quite affordable, and also easy to maintain, very suitable for this type of small house.

Living Room

Living Room

Entering the house, we will find this living room. The minimalist interior design is a feast for the eyes. The neat arrangement of the space with the slim furniture and the timeless style is perfect. This living room is also close to the kitchen, with a mini bar table right behind the sofa.

Open Space Ideas

Open Space Area

Due to its minimalist size, this house needs to utilize the existing space as much as possible. The open space concept can be one of the best options that can be used. Combining the living room, dining room and kitchen without a partition will make the room feel more spacious. A concept that is very suitable for small houses.

Kitchen Ideas


It also has a neat arrangement. The kitchen is equipped with a minimalist white kitchen set, with plenty of storage space for all your eating and cooking utensils. The single wall layout is considered appropriate because it makes the kitchen more spacious. The mini bar itself is equipped with a high table, and 4 aesthetic cafe-style chairs.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

House features:

House Plan : 7m x 8m 

Full size : 12m x 20m 

Total Floor : 56sqm

- Living Area

- Dining Area

- Kitchen Area and Mini bar

- 2 Bedroom

- 1 Bathroom

- Laundry area

- Terrace/Porch (Entertainment area)

Estimated cost from $ 15,000 - 20,000 USD (for build only)

Price may vary depending on the location.

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