Popular Small Simple House Design That Low Budget

Homlovely.com -- Having a small lot shouldn't be the limit for us, because even with a small lot we can make a beautiful home that is comfortable. If you're looking for facade inspiration, then some of these Popular Small Simple House Designs That Low Budget could be perfect for you! Let's check out what house designs are currently popular.

Pink House Design

For your first inspiration, check out this gorgeous pink home design. The combination of pink color with a slight orange tone, is very harmonious with the beige natural stone on the 3 pillars of the terrace. The terrace is equipped with a cast bench that is suitable for sitting and relaxing in the late afternoon with the family.

Simple Blue House

This second house has a similar facade design to the first pink house before. But instead of making a cast bench, this house has a railing on the terrace, so it will be safer, especially for children. The design is still minimalist and looks sleek.

Natural Stone For Exterior

The use of natural stones is very popular, especially in home design. This house design looks so elegant with natural rocks installed on the front wall. It is perfect with the combination of wooden chairs and green paint that gives a natural feel.

Small House With Carport

Who says a small house has to be limited? You can still have a carport in a small house, like this! An interesting facade design, with a carport on the side of the house. The roof of the carport and terrace become one, with a wide size, so that it is safer and more shady for sure!

Elevated Split House Design

Split houses can be a solution to conventional multi-storey houses. This small house itself combines the split style with a fairly high foundation. The stilt house style provides enough space, which you can utilize for various purposes, such as a carport, or whatever you want!

Simple House With Sloping Roof

The design of this house looks simple, with bungalow style and soft gray color combination. The roof uses a sloping roof that is wide enough to protect the house to the maximum. For the terrace, use an additional flat canopy roof supported by 3 sturdy poles.

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Source : Exterior MAG

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