Before-After Spectacular Classic & Modern House Design

 Homlovely.comModern homes are indeed on the rise today. For that many designs are very attractive and of course can adjust according to your needs and desires. Below is an elegant one-story house designed and equipped with a swimming pool. Not to forget the luxurious design makes the house look very attractive and beautiful.

Terrace design

The appearance of the picture above is the front porch of the house that has not yet been completed. is still in exposed cement. Two poles are supporting the front of the terrace. Not to forget the layered roof and beautiful ceiling make the terrace look more attractive when it is ready.

Carport area

While the carport next to the front porch of the house also looks beautiful even though it is not finished. The ceiling that is made in line makes the design of the front of the house very attractive. This carport can fit up to two cars.

Facade after design

The picture above is the exterior view of the finished house. The beige and dark brown color designs make the design look matching and eye-catching. Not to forget the lights that decorate the exterior area also beautify the one-story house along with the plants lined up in the yard area of the house.


Shades of white, blue, and gold adorn this bathroom separated by transparent glass baffles. A touch of gold in some parts makes this bathroom look elegant and fancy. Do not forget to ventilate the window so that the bathroom is not stuffy and has good air circulation.

Swimming pool

The view of the back area of the house for the swimming pool appears in the picture above even though it has not yet been completed. But the design above looks slick with a volume wall.

After the swimming pool design

View of the back area of the house where there is a swimming pool as shown above. The finished look makes you feel that this area will become a favorite spot to spend time in.

In addition to the swimming pool, the wooden deck next to it can be used as a place to relax. There are lounge chairs and umbrellas that become seating and sunbathing areas. Not to forget the decorations around the swimming pool such as plants and the right lights make the atmosphere feel soothing and very relaxing.

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