Tips Big Ideas For Small Space That Will Blow Your Mind

 Homlovely.comA small room is a challenge that you have to conquer. Make a small room in your home a functional and comfortable area occupied with a neat and clean arrangement. If necessary, use a compact arrangement so as not to waste an empty room and allow it to give a bad design effect. Let's look at some of the tips below for narrow room ideas that are mind-blowing.

Useful standing lamp on the corner


Placing a standing lamp in one corner of the room is certainly a good thing. Like the living room or bedroom for example. This standing lamp can be used as additional lighting or for accessories and beautifying the design of the room.

Functional furniture for efficient


In addition to applying white to small and narrow rooms, you can make furniture or items in it functional. Like a sofa or chair that can be used as storage at the bottom. Or other functional furniture that can make your small room look more slick, neat, and functional.

Decorate the indoors with plants


The addition of decorations can certainly make an empty room look more attractive. Like adding plants as decorations for example. The presence of plants in the room also helps the room have good air and provides other benefits besides decorating the room.

Utilize under stairway


Does the house have stairs leading to the top floor? And at the bottom it is empty? If so, you can take advantage of the area under the stairs for a more functional thing. Such as used as storage for example. Or you can turn it into a reading area, relaxing area, and so on according to your wants and needs.

Bring glossy for a spacious area


The use of glossy material is certainly very helpful for small and narrow rooms. Like in the kitchen area for example. The kitchen area is usually built with a small and limited room. You can add glossy material to the kitchen table or walls around the kitchen. Glossy material can help to reflect the surrounding room just like a mirror.

Place the standing mirror to reflect around


For ideas on designing a small corner of the room, in addition to lights, you can add a standing mirror. The nature of the mirror that can reflect around certainly helps a small room look more spacious and airy. Place the mirror according to a good spot and certainly do not block furniture or other items so that the design of the room looks slick and aesthetic.

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