Small House Design 62 sqm with 3 Bedrooms

 Homlovely.comThis minimalist one-story house with an area of 62 sqm looks stunning and comfortable to live in. Equipped with a carport that can load up to 2 cars, it will certainly make you feel more guaranteed security. Check out the review below for details.

Exterior design

The exterior appearance of this 62 sqm house looks simple with its modern and minimalist concept. Putting on a flat roof, you can proceed with the construction of the second floor if needed. Seen in the side area there is a carport that extends to the back of the house. And this carport can fit up to 2 cars.

Living room

This living room is in a minimalist and simple design with a sofa and TV hung on the wall. The simple interior appearance is enough to provide a compact and airy room design and comfortable to use to relax and receive guests.

Outdoor kitchen and laundry area

There are two kitchens in this 62 sqm minimalist house. Namely indoor kitchen and outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are located in the area after the carport or close to the backyard. And one area with an outdoor kitchen, there is a laundry area.


Maybe the backyard in this minimalist house is not as wide as the backyard in general. Having a width of less than 1 meter does not make you leave this small and narrow backyard neglected. You can plant some ornamental plants or herbs and even vegetables to make them more useful.

Floor plan

As shown in the picture above, this 62 sqm minimalist house has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. For details of parts of the house, you can see in the picture above.

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