Simple House with 2 Bedrooms + Floor Plan

Simple House with 2 Bedrooms + Floor Plan --- A perfect simple house with 2 bedrooms built on a limited land, may be the home design you have been looking for. The article below discusses a simple and beautiful house design with 2 bedrooms. So, check out Simple House with 2 Bedrooms + Floor Plan.


The facade of this house is designed with a modern and simple design with various interesting exterior details, for example, there is a small fence equipped with various plants. In addition, this house is suitable for those of you who have an area next to the house you can make a carport area.

Living area

Entering the house there is a living area with a large area and an attractive and modern look. There are several windows that make this area feel more comfortable and warm. To divide the area, this house uses a bookcase that also becomes. The sectional sofa is also a perfect idea to make this living area feel modern and adjust the shape of the room.

Kitchen and dining area

Not far from the living area, there is a kitchen and dining area. The dining area uses a modern dining table with a rectangular shape and a combination of wood and glass combined with arm chair cushions for 4 people which makes the look more beautiful and modern. The kitchen area is also designed minimalist and simple with the use of linear kitchen.


This house has 2 bedrooms with various styles of each. Now we look at one of the bedrooms in this house. This bedroom has a sweet and beautiful look with a modern style. There is a large window in the room which makes the room feel more comfortable and bright.

Floor plan

Lets take a look at the detail of this house design, it has :

- Porch
- Living area
- Bathrooms
- Carport area
- 2 Bedrooms
- Kitchen and dining area
- Laundry area

That's Simple House with 2 Bedrooms + Floor Plan. Perhaps this article inspire you to build your own house. 

Author : Devi

Editor : Munawaroh

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