Minimalist Small House Design Ideas With Exterior Details - Minimalist home design with a small size presents a charming and attractive appearance. Minimalist house has a small size but looks attractive and neat. This minimalist home design you can apply to those of you who have limited land but you can maximize to make it look wider.

Facade Design 

The appearance of the facade of this house presents a simple and minimalist impression. Using the dominance of white so that it can give the impression of a small size house looks more spacious. There is a fence with a height of half of the house building so it looks interesting. You can also add natural by presenting wood grain motifs on the facade of the House.

House Side Design 

On the side view of the house, it presents a charming impression. Using a simple building line so that it can give the impression of a house that looks spacious. Equipped with glass doors and windows large enough so as to maximize the lighting that enters the room so that it is not stuffy.

Roof House Design 

On the look of the roof of this house presents a simple and charming impression. The roof of the house that uses the concept of a gable roof so that the appearance of the house looks modern. The use of this gable roof can make the impression of the house looks cool because it can maximize the absorption of direct sunlight.

Rear House Design 

For the rear view of the House, this presents a simple house building. There is a laundry room that was deliberately placed in an outdoor area so as not to be slippery and stuffy. In addition, the laundry room in this outdoor area will not take up much space in the room. You can put a washing machine complete with a wet area for rinsing.

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