Amazing Modern House Design Idea With Roofdeck and 3 Bedrooms

Amazing Modern House Design Idea With Roofdeck and 3 Bedrooms -- This house design is suitable for those of you who have a small family because there are already 3 bedrooms. This house also has an attractive design with a minimalist modern style. If you are looking for inspiration to build a house, then this Amazing Modern House Design Idea With Roofdeck and 3 Bedrooms can be an interesting idea. Let's check out the details!

Facade Design

This modern-style facade design looks very simple yet eye-catching. It looks luxurious thanks to the natural rock ornaments installed on the side of the wall and also the roofdeck. The choice of white and gray colors looks perfect together.

Carport and Roofdeck

This minimalist house is equipped with a carport and roofdeck on the side of the house. A safe design, the roofdeck also serves as a roof that protects the carport from the sun and rain. 


Without neglecting comfort, the house is also equipped with refreshing green spots. Flower beds were created under the windows to enhance the look, while refreshing the atmosphere. 

Simple and Minimalist

This modern house was built on a wide plot of land, hence the building appears to extend to the side. The back side of the house looks simpler and simpler, with white walls and a few gray accents. The carport also looks quite spacious, as well as the roofdeck. From here we can also see this minimalist and space-saving spiral staircase model.

Roof Design

For the roof, apart from the roofdeck, the house is protected with a simple flat roof. This roof is quite affordable and easy to maintain, which is why it is suitable and popular on tiny houses. The layered structure is used to create a more attractive and eye-catching look.

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

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