6 x 8 m Before-After Small House with Interior Ideas that Low Budget


Homlovely.com -- The house design that you already have will be a guideline for building a house. Here is an idea of a house that can be built from a simple style design with a small size so that it will be more budget-efficient, and how is the interior? Check out 6 x 8 m Before-After Small House with Interior Ideas that Low Budget.




This small house has a neat appearance with the simple structure it uses. There are 2 small poles in the porch area to support the roof to make it stronger. For the roof, it uses a skillion design that is applied with a dimensional installation so that it becomes one of the things that makes the house appear more varied.


Then entering its finishing stage, the house has an appearance that instantly looks beautiful, neat, and calming. The combination of ash color with light and dark tones is very nicely combined. For the high porch, a railing is added to make it safer.

Living room

Simple interior style with a minimalist concept you can apply to the house with the design above. This living room, for example, only uses a sofa with a capacity of 2 to 3 people to save space. To make it better, add a small table to place a vase of artificial flowers to make it fresher.

Dining area and kitchen

Then for the back area, you can use the open space concept that combines several areas in the room without a partition. For this idea, there is a dining area and kitchen with an additional bar table that can indirectly be used as a separator between the two areas but still made open. The additional chandelier is an interesting decorative accent for this area.


Next for the bathroom, you can combine it with the toilet and add a sink to make it more functional. The white interior can be given a more interesting touch by using natural stone patterns in some parts.




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