Very Simple Small House Design Idea 6m X 11.5m | 2 Bedrooms

Very Simple Small House Design Idea 6m X 11.5m | 2 Bedrooms -- This small house, measuring 6x11 meters, offers an attractive and optimal design style. Make good use of the land, and decorate it as beautifully as possible. Although simple, this house looks very cozy and homey. Let's see the design details below!

Bungalow Design

Front View

Adapting the bungalow style well, this small house offers the beauty of a facade in the simplicity of its design. Characterized by a spacious terrace for your convenience. The orange and white color combination makes a fun, bright, and clean impression. 

Gable Roof Models

Roof Design

To match the bungalow style, this house uses a gable roof model. A simple design, with light-colored tiles will make your house more eye-catching. This roof is also considered easy to maintain, and more affordable.

Open Space Room

Open Space

The inside of the house is made open space for a more spacious feel. The living room is combined with the dining room in the middle and the kitchen at the end of the room, with a straight model without a divider. The house also has many windows, for better circulation and lighting.

Interior Design

Interior Design

It dazzles with a combination of orange and white, just like the exterior. This combination produces clear lines, which makes the room feel more colorful yet simple. The minimalist interior features wood-patterned flooring and a few wooden furniture pieces that are sleek and functional.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

This is what the simple floor plan of this small house looks like. A neat arrangement with the right and ideal division of space. All the furniture is functional and minimalist, so the room won't feel cramped. Even though the size is only 6x11 meters, this house is certainly comfortable even for your small family! 

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Author : Rieka

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