Marvelous Modern Spanish House Design Brings Comfy - This house with a single structure looks comfortable for new couples. Modern style, but the house has natural accents with some wood elements and plants around it. Let's take a look at the review below for details.

Facade design

It looks like the exterior design of the house is simple but feels beautiful and comfortable. The design of the house's white shades gives a clean accent. Combined with wood and grass, the atmosphere feels relaxed and calming.


The backyard of this house looks like paving on the floor to keep it clean and avoid getting dirty due to soil and others. However, the neat arrangement of placing a set of seating furniture allows you to relax in the backyard area.


The concept of the open plan without partitions makes the interior look spacious and airy. The design with white nuances and calm colors gives a calming impression and the room looks more spacious. The right arrangement also determines the level of comfort in the interior without partitions.

Living room

The living room which is close to the wide window and has a grid divider looks comfortable. Besides being illuminated by the sun from the outside, the right arrangement of the furniture makes the room look comfortable. Moreover, this living room is equipped with a fire pit and plant decorations that provide fresh accents.


The minimalist design of this small bedroom looks comfortable to use to rest and unwind. The white interior gives a spacious and clean accent. Combined with wooden floors, the room feels warm and comfortable.


The combination of gray and white gives a beautiful and elegant accent to the bathroom. The presence of ventilation or small windows also helps reduce humidity and unpleasant odors. There is a bathtub and also a separate shower area with a dry area making the room look comfortable and clean.

Author : Yuniar

Editor : Munawaroh

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