Magnificent 3-Storey Kerala House with Modern Style

 Homlovely.comKerala House is a house design originating from India. This design is very popular lately because of its contemporary design and does not leave its Indian characteristics.

The magnificent and spacious design of the house with a unique and neat pattern brings a chic and aesthetic residence. Let's look at the reviews below about Kerala 3-storey house designs that you might like and take inspiration from.

Exterior design

The design of this 3-storey Kerala house looks magnificent with lighting that has the right placement. The geographical condition of the sloping land does not prevent this 3-storey Kerala house from having a beautiful design and comfortable residence. The combination of natural, modern, and Indian-style elements also blends into one and makes the design of the house look beautiful.

TV room

This spacious room can be used as a living room or TV room. There is a backdrop for the TV and storage on the wall on one side. The combination of bright white and wood brown gives an elegant residential accent. Moreover, the presence of artistic wood insulation makes the room not look narrow.


Likewise, the bedroom has a fairly spacious size. Equipped with windows and trellises, the bedroom has lighting from outside and smooth air circulation. The right arrangement and appropriate furniture will make the bedroom feel comfortable.


The letter U design on this kitchen table makes the room feel comfortable and still has a large enough space. By maximizing space, you will certainly have a fairly neat kitchen. Supported by good lighting and also a ceiling that has beautiful decoration, making the kitchen look aesthetic.

Sink area

This area outside the kitchen faces the bathroom. But the space between the bathroom and the kitchen is quite spacious. You can make this area a sinking spot. With a neat decoration and a distinctive pattern, this sink space looks beautiful and suitable for selfie spots.

Artistic barrier

The barrier used in the interior of this Kerala house is quite minimalist. By installing baffles that have a neat pattern, they also have a size that does not take up much space. You can decorate this insulation by adding some matching decorations to improve the appearance.

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