Interior Design in Cream Nuances Brings Calm & Aesthetics! - Cream is a pale yellowish color that is close to white. One of the tricks to get a cream color, you mix white and yellow according to the right portion. This elegant, calm, and sophisticated color gives a relaxing accent to the residence. The cream color is often suitable when combined with other colors. Below is a home design with a cream-colored interior that you can try on.

Fresh facade

The combination of cream and white colors gives a clean residential accent. Not only that, the presence of stone material on the exterior wall makes the design of the house look slick and natural. Especially with the existence of a fresh garden equipped with gravel and coral in the yard of the house gives the impression of a beautiful and comfortable residence.

Small living room

A small house does not prevent it from having a beautiful and elegant design. By applying cream color, this minimalist living room looks neat. Moreover, it is supported by matching colors of furniture and several existing items, making the interior of the house look beautiful and matching.

Minimalist wooden barrier

The concept of an open plan without partitions can certainly help a tiny house look spacious and feel spacious. However, if you want privacy, provide flexible and efficient insulation such as a divider between the living room and the next room. You can put baffles from wood material.

Dining room in an empty area

Using an empty area around the house or near the kitchen as a dining room is certainly a good thing. A compact design but still minimalist will make the room feel comfortable. In order not to be monotonous by just putting tables and chairs, you can add some decorations such as pictures and beautiful ornaments around the dining room.

Comfortable bedroom

Calm and relaxed nuances are felt as soon as you enter the bedroom. With materials made to have a matching color or appropriate, making this small bedroom design look beautiful. Moreover, the presence of plants further adds to the atmosphere of a fresh bedroom.

Transparent roof

The transparent roof in the house area, especially the back area of the house, is certainly a very useful thing. In addition to getting access to sunlight, this will also make you not feel stuffy. You can put some plants around this transparent roof for them to grow well.

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