Brilliant Tricks of the Small Living Room To Maximize Space

 Homlovely.comLooking for designs and decorations for a small living room is like looking for mushrooms in a haystack. But that certainly does not discourage all of us from getting what we want. This article is one of the treasures that you can use as a reference to design and decorate a small living room. Let's look at some tips and tricks below.

Matching design


First, you can design the living room to have matching coloring. Whether it's the interior or items or furniture in the living room, it can be designed in rhythm for a neat and satisfying finish. The right combination of coloring in a small living room will make the living room feel comfortable and aesthetic.

Good lighting


In addition to installing the main lamp in the living room, you can install other additional lights for a bright and chic room. Or install a hidden lamp in the sky or put a standing lamp in the corner of the room. This can be adjusted to the design of the living room and needs.

Install the mirror


Adding a mirror to a small living room is certainly a good thing. You can install a mirror by hanging it on the wall or by standing mirror. Make sure to place the mirror not parallel to the entrance or window. It is not good for Feng Shui's small living room.

Functional items


Furniture that is functional or has many uses is certainly very good for a small living room. Like this small table, for example, you can fold the table into one size if you need a roomy room. Or you can lengthen the table if you need to put a lot of items or dishes.

Warm accent with carpet


In addition to choosing warm or neutral colors, you can add items as well as arrange them appropriately for a warm and cozy living room. For a comfortable sofa bed and cushion, try to install a carpet under the seating area in the living room.

If your living room is dominated by plain colors, you can have a carpet with a pattern or plain according to the design you want.

Put plants at small living room


This step is very popular because it can beautify the room and also make the atmosphere feel fresh and relaxing. Putting plants in a small living room is the right step. If you want a large plant, just place one or two. And if you want small-sized plants, you can choose several according to your needs and room size.

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