Amazing Bungalow House Design Idea With Pool and Cozy Patio

Amazing Bungalow House Design Idea With Pool and Cozy Patio -- Don't be fooled by its outward appearance. Because this bungalow house will give you a lot of surprises when you enter it! The simple bungalow design on the facade of the house, will be enhanced by the modern interiors that are so inviting. Let's check out the details below!

Bungalow Design

Exterior Design

The exterior of this house looks so simple with a traditional bungalow style. Sturdy wood serve as the foundation for the house, and it looks elegant with its burgundy-purple color. As is characteristic, this house has a large plot of land, which is also beautifully designed to refresh the atmosphere of the house! 

Gas Fireplace Ideas

Fireplace Ideas

It's incomplete if you don't add a fireplace to a bungalow house like this. It feels more modern with a gas fireplace model placed in the center of the room. Can be a warmer for winter like this. With a black frame, the modern model will also add to the aesthetics of the room!

TV Room Ideas

TV Room Ideas

Step inside to discover a meticulously designed interior featuring all new appliances, solid wood cabinets, and a cozy gas fireplace, creating an inviting ambiance throughout. The addition of a bonus media room/den offers flexibility for a home office, entertainment area, or additional living space to suit your lifestyle. 

Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen Ideas

Thanks to the large land size, this house has enough space to create a more comfortable and spacious living environment. The kitchen area is in the corner of the room. Equipped with a complete kitchen set, with plenty of cabinets and drawers to store all your cooking and eating utensils more neatly. The L-shape layout also helps to maximize the corner of the room.

Pantry and Mini Bar

Pantry and Minibar

Located right next to the kitchen, this area is equipped with a full pantry cabinet. It can be used for additional storage of groceries and so on. Above this cabinet is a table top with a marble finish that we can see looks elegant and sweet. You can enjoy your daily cup of coffee here in peace and comfort.

Dining Room Ideas

Dining Room

Of course, the dining room is one of the most important spaces to build intimacy between family members. Enjoying a warm meal, while having small talks is a dream. Equipped with wooden table furniture and 4 comfy chairs. The model is modern and timeless with soft colors and a sleek look, suitable for any interior concept.

Pool Ideas

Pool Idea

Outside, the charm continues with mature landscaping including an enormous bougainvillea and other Florida native trees and shrubs, an in-ground pool and an outdoor solar heated shower, all perfect for outdoor entertaining and relaxation. 

Patio Ideas

Patio Idea

It wouldn't be complete without a poolside lounging area. Create a cozy patio with a shady design. Equipped with chairs and cushions, feel the holiday vibe every day! The spacious lot provides room for outdoor activities and gardening, creating a private oasis for enjoying the Florida sunshine.

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