3 Bedrooms Modern Bungalow House Design with Pool + Roofdeck 165 sqm

3 Bedrooms Bungalow House Design with Pool 165 sqm 

Homlovely.com -- This modern house has a touch of bungalow style that keep it look unique and homey. With a size of 165 sqm, this house has enough land to make a comfortable home with complete facilities. With a private pool, it feels like a vacation every day! Let's check the design details below.

Modern Bungalow Design

Exterior Design

An elegant and awesome look! A homey atmosphere with a cool modern facade will make you stay and can't wait to come home everyday. The bold lines of the building give it dimension and make the facade look more interesting when you look at it. An epic layout with a spacious and cozy carport and roofdeck, giving you space to relax and enjoy the day.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

The picture above is a simple 3D plan of this house. As shown, this house has the following specifications:

- Floor Area 165 Sqm, with recommended land area min 14x32m

- Carport

- Porch

- Foyer

- Living Room

- Dining Room

- Kitchen

- Dirty kitchen and laundry area

- 3 Bedrooms

- 2 Bathrooms

- Back Terrace, Pool and Garden

Then for the estimated cost, it will require approximately Php 5,200,000 - 7,800,000. Of course this is just a rough calculation, costs can vary greatly depending on many factors, such as where you live, how much the materials cost, workers' wages, and so on. 

High Ceiling

Living Room

It's nice to see the interior of this house design at once. Not only does this house look modern and impressive, but it is also well-organized and functional. This house has a high ceiling design, which is very useful for making the atmosphere of your room airy and clean. Combine it with a long chandelier to get the best look.

Private Pool


Having a private swimming pool is quite common in the design of modern homes that are grand and luxurious. However, not all swimming pools have to be large and spacious, even on a fairly minimalist land you can still create a refreshing mini pool at home. Without the need to travel, you can relax with a resort vibe at home! How fun!

Big Ventilation


If you look at the exterior, you'll notice that this house has quite a few large windows. Not only do they make the exterior look cool and modern, these large windows are also very useful. Apart from being a ventilation system that facilitates air circulation, large windows also offer maximum sunlight to make the room look brighter and more cozy.

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

Source : Youtube AKM Design & Concepts

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