Warm White Tone House Suitable for Elderly Couples

 Homlovely.comHaving a simple but comfortable house will certainly make anyone feel at home to live in it. Minimalist design and proper arrangement also help make the house look neat and eye-catching. Below is a minimalist home design that is suitable for young and old couples. With a farmhouse-style design, it certainly brings a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere.

Facade home design

The exterior appearance of the house looks beautiful and soothing. Several plants also decorate the outdoor area. Combined with the design of the façade of the farmhouse-style house and wearing pure white. Not to forget the arrangement of items on the right façade of the house also provides a comfortable residential accent.

Porch design

Still wearing white, the design of the front and back porch of the house also looks calming. It is not excessive in placing things, but the presence of plants as decorations in the porch area gives a fresh accent. Also, put egg chairs and other decorations to sweeten the design of this porch area to relax.

Living room

The combination of natural elements and white in the interior design of the living room gives a warm accent. Natural elements in the seating set, lampshade, and other decorations also beautify the living room and do not give monotonous accents.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom equipped with a private bathroom looks chic and neat. The use of sliding doors that are also colored in the interior of the bedroom makes it not take up much space.

Bedroom 2

Use other colors such as neutral in the bedroom design so as not to look monotonous and boring. This bedroom design does have a smaller size than the master bedroom. Nevertheless, you can get around this by installing long curtains in the window area. So that it will produce the effect of a high and airy room. Don't escape also minimize the use of items that are less needed so as not to make stuffy.

Kitchen area

Dominated by white, not to forget there are also natural elements such as wood that give a warm accent in the kitchen area. In addition, there are exposed bricks painted in white to make the kitchen area look chic and stunning.

Floor plan

For the house plan, the picture above may be detailed in explaining it. In addition to pictures of parts of the room in the white house, there are also details of the size of the room.

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