Tips House Design in Korean Style More Comfortable

 Homlovely.comThe minimalist impression appears in this 1-story house that uses a Korean-style concept. A simple design that makes its residents comfortable, of course, requires enough effort in its design and arrangement. Below, are some tips for a minimalist home to feel comfortable and at home living in it.

Natural element for a soothing effect

A residence that contains natural elements certainly gives a natural and fresh impression. Likewise, the exterior design of this Korean-style house, the combination of wood, plants, and stone elements makes the residence feel cooler and more comfortable.

Open concept

The concept without barriers applied to the interior of this Korean house certainly brings many advantages. Such as being able to give the impression of a spacious, airy, and also spacious residence. Even if you want privacy between rooms, use minimalist and efficient partitions, such as shelves, or walls that protrude slightly on each side.

Wise color combination

Interiors that have matching color designs will certainly give the impression of matching and stunning designs. However, you can combine it with other colors so that it is not monotonous. Use the right color for the interior combination so as not to make the eyes hurt and improper design.

Large window and long curtain

Wide enough windows certainly bring benefits to this Korean house. In addition to getting natural lighting from the outside, it also has pretty good air ventilation. Install curtains that are long enough on the window to have the impression of a large and airy room. If necessary, use double curtains, namely vitrase and also thick curtains as a cover.

Right decoration

Placing the right decorations and ornaments can improve the design of the room. In addition to paying attention to the design, shape, and color of the ornament, make sure to also pay attention to the placement of decorations so that the room looks chic and has an extraordinary impression.

Clever with functional shelves

In order for the dwelling or room to be neat, storage is needed as a place to store or display goods. Use storage as needed. Make sure to choose shelves that are functional and can certainly support the design of a room to appear more stunning.

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