Small Bungalow House Design 100 sqm | 3 Bedrooms

Small House Design 100 sqm | 3 Bedrooms -- A 100 sqm house can be a great choice for a small family. Because with this size, you can maximize it to get 3 bedrooms of course with various other facilities as well. Get inspiration for your dream home with this "Small House Design 100 sqm | 3 Bedrooms"! Let's check the details below.

Modern Bungalow

Front View

This house is a representation of a bungalow house with a more modern touch. It offers minimalism and simplicity, along with comfort that will make you feel at home. The facade is simple and attractive, with beautiful dimensional shapes. There are also some greenery around it to make the atmosphere more airy and shady.

Beauty With Natural Stones

Side View

What makes the facade look so attractive is the use of natural rock ornaments and other natural elements. Installed on the lower side of the facade around the building, and also installed vertically at the front of the house. In addition, there are also wooden lattices for the secondary skin, and various green plants that enhance it.

Spacious Terrace

Rear View

One of the characteristics of a bungalow house is that it has a large terrace area. This is the case with this small house. Starting from the front, to the side, to the back side of the house. Equipped with a sturdy iron railing for maximum protection. The tall plant decorations really help to provide a statement that fills the empty side well.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

This house is consist of:

- Terrace/Porch

- Living, Dining, and Kitchen Room in Open Space

- 3 Bedrooms

- 2 Bathroom

- Service Area and Laundry Room at the Back

Functional Priority

Living Room

In a small home, it's important to maximize the space available. Therefore, you should use furniture with simple minimalist and timeless models, it is very important to look at its function, it is good if it is multifunctional. For example, like the use of this glass folding door, not only beautiful but also space-saving, and can provide natural light for a brighter room.

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