Simple House Minimalist Design 7x10 meters | 3 Bedrooms

Simple House Minimalist Design 7x10 meters | 3 Bedrooms -- A cozy home is one that is pleasantly peaceful and has the best facilities to offer. The following "Simple House Minimalist Design 7x10 meters | 3 Bedrooms" is one of the home design inspirations that offers effective design and complete facilities. Check out the details below!

Simple and Minimalist

Facade Design

A simple look that will impress you. With bold building lines, it makes the house more attractive. Using a shed-style roof that will protect the building perfectly, with its wide size. Whether in the city or the countryside, this house is the right choice!

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

The picture above is a simple floor plan of this house. The main room is an open space, connecting the living room, dining room and kitchen. This house utilizes the land very well, who would have thought that there are 3 bedrooms in it? There are also 2 additional bathrooms and a laundry room, as well as a terrace.

Brown Colors

Living Room

The room is white in color which makes a clean and more spacious impression. The furniture and decorations used have varying shades of brown, but it makes a cozy and warm impression. This mosaic floor rug will catch your eye!

Wall Shelves


Although not very spacious, this house is able to maximize each side and corner perfectly. This shelf that is integrated into the wall can be an idea for a divider between rooms. You can also store things or put decorations, whatever you want. Compact and useful!

Powder Room


The sink, which is usually placed inside the bathroom, was converted to outside. This will make it more useful, and accessible to anyone, anytime, without having to enter the bathroom. The round mirror and wooden cabinet make this area more aesthetic and charming!

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