Minimalist House Design 210 sqm with Fresh Interior

 Homlovely.comThis minimalist house measuring 210 sqm has a modern but simple design. This design that has many openings provides a comfortable residence and does not make the house stuffy or stuffy. Below are details of a simple house that can be used as inspiration.

Exterior design

The front of the house or façade of this house has a simple design. However, the comfortable atmosphere of the appearance of the façade of the house makes anyone feel at home to linger while relaxing or enjoying the environment.

Indoor garden area

The indoor garden that is part of the 210 sqm house certainly gives a calming impression. The design of the indoor garden that is made semi-open is certainly safe and comfortable for residents. You can install a transparent roof so that the garden can access sunlight. Then decorate it neatly to make it like a real outdoor garden.

Stairway area

Usually, the staircase area in the house only wears guardrails. However, in the design of this simple house, you will find a glass barrier that is quite high. Besides being safer, you can also enjoy the atmosphere of the downstairs area because the material is transparent. In addition, the design is beautiful and aesthetic, making this staircase area look neat.

Master bedroom

The design of this master bedroom looks spacious. In addition to the size of the room being quite spacious, the right arrangement is certainly key in the design of a comfortable bedroom. There are windows leading to the corridor or staircase area.

Bedroom 2

The next bedroom is a smaller size than the master bedroom. The design of the bed made sit-on-the-floor makes this bedroom still have a fairly spacious space. The right arrangement and furniture that fits the size certainly help this bedroom feel comfortable.


The minimalist design in the kitchen makes it comfortable even though it has a limited size. The floor with chess patterns and the presence of wood elements make the kitchen feel classic and calming. Installation of lamps or proper lighting makes the kitchen not too dark.


In addition to wood elements, exposed cement, and the right mix of colors, this bathroom area looks elegant. You can work around this by giving some items that have a golden color to enhance the elegant and luxurious accents in this minimalist bathroom. Equipped with a bathtub, make your bathing activities more comfortable.

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