Minimalist Home Design Inspiration with Natural Stone

 Homlovely.comNatural stone as a finishing or additional decoration in the house makes the residence feel comfortable and fresh. A good arrangement also affects the impression of the dwelling with natural rocks. Below are some ideas about the arrangement and design of houses that use natural stone you can imitate.

Natural stone in facade home design


This minimalist 2-storey residence has a chic modern design and feels fresh. Coupled with the finishing of the stone wall on the ground floor, it makes the residence look natural and calming. You can wear rocks that have a color that matches the exterior design of the house to look matching and eye-catching.

Fresh terrace design


The terrace has stone design and white walls display neat and fresh results. Supported by the presence of plants around, the terrace is suitable as a spot to relax.

Natural vibes along the stairway


Designing walls near stairs with natural stone finishing can certainly produce a different vibe. Besides feeling natural, the design of the rocks on the walls along the stairs also gives a fresh vibe and feel like on a tropical island.

Vintage effect in the TV room


The rocks combined with cement as a wall finish in the TV area present a chic vintage accent. Likewise, the furniture and items around the stone walls have a distinctive design of classic style, also giving the desired impression and feel fresher.

Red brick in the bathroom


The interior of the bathroom which is designed in white certainly produces a room that looks wider. In order not to feel monotonous, you can combine it with red brick or natural rocks for a nice and beautiful result. Arrange neatly so that the bathroom has an aesthetic and comfortable design.

Combine the plants and stone in the sink area


The design of the rocks on the wall in the sink area looks neat and beautiful. A good arrangement coupled with plants on the floor near the stone wall, further adds fresh accents to the room.

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