Inspiration of Simple Minimalist Living Room Design

 Homlovely.comIs one of the most often visited rooms; the family room is one of the center spots in a residence. You can receive guests in this room or make this room a place to gather with family or other relatives. Some designs about the family room below may make you inspired.

Purple living room


A neat appearance appears in the living room with a design with shades of purple. It is combining several shades of purple, making the living room not monotonous and boring. You can also apply matching colors to furniture and other items to make it look more matching and stunning.

Elegant with a gold touch


The basic design wearing white makes this small living room feel bigger and airy. The combination of white and gray and there are touches of gold in some spots make this small living room look elegant and fancy. The chandelier on the up ceiling also gives a beautiful feel to the living room.

Scandinavian style


The wooden floor in the living room provides a warm and natural accent. Not only that, the concept that combines sit-on-the-floor and sitting furniture in the living room makes the room accommodate many people.

Compact design of the living room


This small living room with a width of approximately 2 meters has a neat and compact design. The neat arrangement also helps make the room feel comfortable. You can install a carpet as a seating pad in this area.

Vintage and simple design of the living room


The typical nuances of the village with a traditional house style are also felt in the picture above. With a chair that is long enough and also a table parallel to the seat makes the design look neat. Moreover, the existence of matching patterns gives the impression of a living room that is more lively and not monotonous.

Semi-outdoor living room


The design of the living room made the semi-outdoor look neat and neat. The room that has a concept without partitions has several rooms such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen. You can wear a transparent material sliding door divider as a link between the living room and the garden or outdoor area.

Minimalist with pattern


Although simple, the design of this fairly small living room looks chic and comfortable. The interior design of the room that uses plain colors also gives the impression of a room that looks chic and airy. To make it more lively, you can give accent patterns in this living room. As in carpets or other materials.

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