Comfortable Dreamy House with 3 Bedrooms

 Homlovely.comThis one-story house has a simple design but feels comfortable. This 3-bedroom residence is suitable for up to 6 people. For details, let's see the review below.

Front view

The design of the front view of this house looks elegant. Wearing small steps before entering the terrace, makes the house look eye-catching and look taller. The roof that uses a combination design also beautifies the front view of the house.

Back view

From the back view of the house, it looks flat without any exits. Instead, the exit is placed in the side area of the house. However, the back area of the house that still has space or an empty yard, can be used for functional things.

Corner area

The exit located in the side area of the house has a functional design. There is an empty space around the exit or it can be said in the corner area. And this area you can use for a relaxing area.

Carport spot

Although it does not have space to store vehicles, the empty area in front of the house can be used as a carport. You can decorate this area by installing a roof to protect the vehicle.

Mini garden

While the other side of the front area of this house can be used to create a small garden. It is not necessary to grow many plants, just enough of the most important thing, this area is neatly arranged for beautiful results.

Floor plan

Like houses in general, this house has a fairly complete room. Such as the living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and also the bathroom. The design of this house imposes an en suite bathroom in 2 bedrooms. As for the other one, it does not have an en suite bathroom.

Author : Yuniar

Editor : Munawaroh

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