61Sqm Small House Design Idea With 1 Bedroom

61Sqm Small House Design Idea With 1 Bedroom 

Homlovely.com -- The house measures 8x7m, which is quite spacious for a 1-bedroom house. With an elegant minimalist look, this house provides extra comfort for your little family. Suitable to function as a guest house, to live alone or together with your beloved partner.

Front View

Front View

A beautiful exterior with a modern minimalist style that will take your breath away. The building lines are simple but very eye-catching, with the wall panel ornaments arranged horizontally. Large glass windows with thin black frames also attract the modern side of this house. 

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

This house is consist of :

- Patio/Terrace

- Living Room, Dining Room, and Kitchen in Open Space

- Laundry Room

- 1 Bedroom

- 1 Bathroom

Open Space

Living Room

The concept of open space without dividers between rooms can be the right choice in a small minimalist home design. Prioritize comfort, which makes you more free to move. Open space rooms are also easier to design the interior. 

Open Shelves


The choice of furniture also has a significant impact on the room. If the room is small, use simple yet functional furniture. For example, by utilizing the wall with open shelves like this. Wood finishing will make a warm and cozy impression.

Extra Cozy


This is the only bedroom in the house. With its spacious size, it will make this house feel more comfortable for you to rest. The combination of white and beige colors is very beautiful, along with the charming interior decoration. Don't forget the ventilation and windows to make the atmosphere fresher.

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

Source : Youtube Ivory Design Trading

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