Minimalist Tiny House Design Along with a Fairly Large Yard

 Homlovely.comHaving a large enough land or yard is indeed the dream of many people. The following is presented to you about the design of a small but minimalist house that has a fairly large yard plus a slick and eye-catching view.

Facade home design

Minimalist appearance appears in the design of the façade of the house. This slightly elevated building certainly makes it comfortable and safe. There are stairs outside before entering the terrace area and also the house. You can create a minimalist garden around the stairs so that the residence has a fresh and cool environment.

Patio in yard

This stepped or terraced yard can help to lock the ground so that it does not change. However, a good arrangement makes this spacious yard can be used to make various facilities. Like making a patio for example. By relaxing sitting on the patio in the afternoon or morning, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset.

The gate

White color nuances and wood elements make the gate look classic and beautiful. Give some garnish or plain as preference. After entering the gate, you will see a fairly large yard and pathway that leads to a minimalist house.

Entering area

The door that has a strong glass material makes you free when looking at the outdoor view from inside the house. Equipped with a strong wooden frame, it certainly makes the appearance look slick and stunning.

Main room

Choosing a concept without partitions is a wise thing for a small house. Of course with the right arrangement and design for a comfortable residence. White shades and wooden floors make this tiny house feel warm and look more spacious.


In the dominance of white, this minimalist bathroom design looks chic and relieved. Moreover, the storage also helps the bathroom look neater.

Author : Yuniar

Editor : Munawaroh

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