Minimalist House Design | Vintage Style Bring Relax

 Homlovely.comThis minimalist 1-storey residence has a simple exterior. Although it has a vintage and old-school appearance in the exterior design, the interior of this house has a modern design and style that will make you feel at home. Coupled with the refreshing garden, the residence feels suitable for relaxing and vacationing.

Facade looks

This simple exterior features an old-school and vintage design. With a large front yard area, there is a garden on the side and pathways in the middle area leading to the entrance area.

Terrace area

Having a width of approximately 1 meter, this elongated terrace is in a neat and minimalist design with a small and minimalist chair provided, which certainly will not take up much space. And the rest, you can put some potted plants as a patio decoration and make the atmosphere fresher and soothing.

Entering area

Once you enter the house, you will find the living room and dining room as a barrier with the next room. In this living room area itself, there is a wide window that is parallel to the entrance. Then near this window, there is a bench that can be used as a seat. Then you can modify the bottom of the bench as a storage area to make it more functional and efficient.


The combination of vintage and modern makes the bedroom feel chic and attractive. With a bedroom that has an indoor garden view, you can install a transparent sliding door for a more chic design. This will certainly make you feel at home when in the bedroom with a fresh outdoor view.

Indoor garden and pond

The design of an indoor garden equipped with a pool makes the design fresher, soothing, and relaxing for those who live in it. The garden containing a large tree and several other plants is made in the middle area of the pond. The barrier of this area with the interior is with a transparent sliding door.

Kitchen and dining room

The kitchen and dining room that become one package have a neat design. The design overlooking the indoor garden area and the pool makes the atmosphere more solemn. The kitchen designed in line here has additional lighting on the top of the kitchen table or under the cabinet. This will certainly help you be comfortable when cooking.

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