Incredible 44.6Sqm Tiny House Design Concept | Space-Saving Elegance

Incredible 44.6Sqm Tiny House Design Concept | Space-Saving Elegance -- This house has a simple design, perfectly suited to the  country living area. It can be used as a guest house, or for a single/couple only. Let's see how this house design is so desirable.

Cottage House

Exterior Design

Simplicity that completes the coziness. The simple exterior design of the village house will make you feel at home living in simplicity. The white color blends beautifully with the red gable roof, a smart highlight for a charming look!

Loft Floor

Living Room

At 44 sqm, this is certainly not a large enough house for a large family. But even so, the utilization of the room still feels maximum with the additional loft. This loft space is located in the attic, and can be used for various purposes, such as a warehouse or additional bedroom. The staircase access is right on the side of the living room.

Good Ventilation

Kitchen and Dining Room

Perfect room ventilation will bring extra comfort to the family. With enough ventilation, not only is air circulation smooth but you can also get sunlight well for the room. 

Smart Storage


In designing a narrow space, of course, the organization of storage will have a huge impact. Maximize every corner and side of the room to be used as storage space. You can make custom cabinets like this.

Eficiency Space


In addition, it is also important to maximize the efficiency of each room. If possible, you can create two functions in one room, such as this laundry room inside the bathroom. The design is quite safe as there is a wall partition between the laundry room and the shower area.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

This is how floor plan look like :

- Porch

- Living, Dining and Kitchen in Open Space

- 1 Bathroom and Laundry Area

- 1 Bedroom

- Attic

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

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