Creative Small House Design in 90 Sqm, Simple But Cozy

Creative Small House Design in 90 Sqm, Simple But Cozy -- Making a comfortable residence is one of the goals of home design The following 90 sqm house is not only attractive with its simple design, but also has the right spatial arrangement. Let's check the details below!

Simple Design

Front View

A simple look that won't leave you feeling bored. With various details and dimensional geometry combinations, it will make the facade of the house look more attractive. There is no doubt that the white color will bring a clean, neat, and spacious feel.

Cozy Feels

Side Terrace

Feel the sensation of comfort in your home. With a spacious terrace, you can relax with your beloved family. Enjoy time together with colorful daily stories.

Natural Stone

Living Room

The exotic look of nature, thanks to the combination of natural rocks mounted beautifully on the wall. The perfect backdrop for your TV. The atmosphere also feels very cozy and homey.

Neat Layout


In designing a small house, it is very important to pay attention to the placement and layout of the rooms. Because the layout has a big influence that can make the room more neat. This kitchen is combined with a small dining room, equipped with a kitchen set and open shelves, as well as a dining table set with 2 simple wooden chairs.

Chic Decoration


There's no doubt that interior design has a huge impact on the final look of a room. With the right decor, you can make a strong impression on a room. Such is the case with this room, which is so pretty with the green leaf motif wallpaper with gold lines that looks elegant and luxurious.

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

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