Comfy Dark Container Home Living Equipped with an Aperture

 Homlovely.comLiving in a container house is certainly a fun thing. In addition to its minimalist and compact shape, this container house is suitable for couples or singles who want to live a minimalist and tranquil life. Below are some details about container houses that have many openings and make them comfortable.

Exterior looks

This dark-colored container design looks connected. With rectangular containers merged into a square shape, it looks neat and beautiful. The minimalist design also makes fans who like it feel at home to look at it and live in it.

Terrace area

The terrace which has a fairly small design takes a dark color theme. With a protected terrace on each side, it will certainly make the design look chic and comfortable when it rains or when the sun is hot.

Enter space

The central area in this container dwelling looks empty and has a sky roof or transparent roof. You can use this as an indoor garden or make a place to relax. Design neatly so that this central area can be used to relax and enjoy the day.

Bedroom design

White shades appear in this minimalist bedroom. Equipped with large windows and sliding doors to the balcony area, the bedroom has sufficient lighting and good air circulation. The existence of transparent windows and doors also makes you comfortable when you want to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere without having to get out of bed.

Dining room

The round dining table located in the corner makes it look chic and eye-catching. Moreover, a large window or sliding door nearby allows you to enjoy the outdoor view while enjoying the food and drinks available at the dining table.


Minimalist design in the kitchen and maximizing space make the kitchen look neat and clean. There is a mini bar table that can be used as a dining table or a place to serve cooked food.


The bathroom which is one room with the bedroom has a sliding door divider. This is to save more space and also be efficient. Separate the shower and dry areas so that the bathroom avoids excessive moisture.

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