90 sqm Lot Area 2-Storey House Design + Estimated Cost

 Homlovely.comThis 2-storey modern house is built with a lot area of 90 sqm (9m x 10m) and a total floor area of 102 sqm. Equipped with 4 bedrooms, the house can accommodate up to 8 people. There is an estimated cost in the review below for your reference.

Facade home design

Minimalist and simple design appears on the façade of this 2-storey house with a modern design, there is a garage area in front of the side of the house. There is also an empty area in the yard that can be used to create a garden or other things.

Living room

Like living room design in general, placing the sofa and TV face to face is a solution to save space. With a TV hung on the wall, this will make the living room neater and also does not take up much space.

Bedroom design

The bedroom is equipped with a work or study desk this certainly makes the design more efficient. So, the work or study area does not require its own space which will require extra space and of course the cost will swell.

Kitchen area

The letter L design and slick kitchen set make the kitchen look neat and comfortable to use. Equipped with windows will certainly make the kitchen have access to lighting from outside and good air circulation.

Floor plans

On the ground floor, there are:

  • garage
  • terrace
  • living room
  • kitchen
  • dining room
  • bathroom
  • lanai in side area

On the second floor, there are:

  • 4 bedrooms
  • bathroom
  • balcony

The design of the 2-storey house which has a lot area of 90 sqm and a total floor area of 102 sqm has an estimated cost of around 2.5M pesos or $ 51,000 USD. Which for the ground floor has a floor area of 45 sqm. And for the second floor, it has a floor area of 57 sqm.

Author : Yuniar

Editor : Munawaroh

Source : Youtube - Kh DESIGN

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