7 Clever Ways to Make a Small House Look More Spacious

 Homlovely.comLimited land is the reason why houses are small and cramped. However, the right design and smart arrangement will make your residence feel more spacious even though it is small. Let's look at some tips that you can try for a comfortable and soothing residence.

Design room needs in advance


By knowing the size of the house in advance, you will be able to determine what rooms will be needed. And then you can design any room and what size is needed for a comfortable and pleasant dwelling.

Using bright color


Applying bright colors can certainly help a small dwelling look bigger and airy. Not only that, bright colors can also help you to have the impression of a neat and clean residence.

Get minimalist furniture


It doesn't make sense if you put large furniture in a small dwelling or room. For that, determine your needs and the size of the room first before placing furniture. And then you can guess what size furniture is suitable to be placed on the building.

Get attention with lighting


Setting the lighting source is important for a comfortable residence. Whether it's natural lighting or lighting from lamps, you must arrange it well for a room that is chic and does not look gloomy.

Use the mirror


Mirrors can be used as decorations or necessities for your residence. The existence of a mirror also provides benefits by giving a broad impression in a room. There are many variations of mirrors that you can try for a comfortable and attractive minimalist residence.

Install long curtain


Installing curtains to cover windows is also a good thing. You can wear long curtains in a small room to accent the room. Make sure the color of the curtains matches the design of the room for a stunning and stylish accent.

Functional furniture in home design


The use of functional furniture is indeed good enough to save space. Like storage under the bed or sofa for example.

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