100 sqm Lot Area | Proposed 2-Storey House with 3 Bedrooms

 Homlovely.comThis 2-storey modern house that has 3 bedrooms can hold up to 6 people. With a modern and minimalist design, you can combine it with natural elements.

This will certainly make the house have a fresh and relaxed atmosphere. Therefore, especially for you, the review below will present a proposal for a 2-storey house that is comfortable and makes you feel at home.

Modern facade home design

As with modern houses in general, the façade of this 2-story house wears a sloping roof on each side. There is a garage in the side area of the house. Above the garage, there is a balcony that you can use to relax and enjoy the atmosphere around.

Elongated living room with a good set

The appearance of this minimalist living room feels comfortable and makes you feel at home to sit and rest longer. Natural elements that are a combination of the design of this room make the atmosphere feel fresh and relaxing. You can install additional lighting so that the living room looks chic and beautiful.

Maximize space under the stairway

If you still have empty space at home, immediately use it for a more functional design. The area under the stairs often has empty space. And you can use this area as storage or other useful places. Arrange neatly and give lamps as lighting.

Workspace in the corner of the bedroom

For the workspace area, you can put it in one room with the bedroom. Besides being more efficient, it can also save space in this minimalist home. Arrange neatly and make sure this workspace area has the right size of furniture or items so as not to make the bedroom messy and narrow.

Fresh and soothing terrace with stone material

A minimalist terrace with stone walls is a nice and interesting thing. The natural design makes the terrace have a good atmosphere and can make anyone relax. Arrange neatly so that this terrace is comfortable when occupied.

Single line of kitchen

This single-line kitchen design looks chic and neat. Moreover, there is a mini bar at the end of the kitchen which can be used as a barrier between the kitchen and the dining room. For lights in the mini bar area. You can install an aesthetic chandelier to make the design more beautiful and eye-catching.

Author : Yuniar

Editor : Munawaroh

Source : Youtube - RG Sebastian Builders

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