Stylish Triangle Cabin in Dark and White

 Homlovely.comThis tiny cabin house with a triangle design looks stunning. With its simple design, this house still prioritizes comfort. There is additional space on the inside of the house so that the dwelling does not feel stuffy, for a more complete design, see the reviews below.

Facade design

The exterior design or façade of this house looks slick with a triangular shape. The use of black also makes the house look mysterious but still elegant with a touch of brown from wood elements.

Entering view

Contrary to the exterior design, the interior of this triangular cabin house is white. A touch of brown wood. Moreover, it looks like a well-designed staircase makes the interior look neat and stylish.

Main room

The design without partitions or open is indeed very profitable for small and limited dwellings. Like this triangular cabin house, combining the living room, kitchen, also dining room will make it efficient and save space.

Large window

The grid window design that is wide enough helps this triangular cabin house have access to light from the outside. Moreover, the design located in the ground floor area will certainly make the entire room illuminated by light from outside. However, you can install curtains that will give a private and secure impression when night falls.

Natural element

Natural elements such as wood, rocks, and so on really help the dwelling feel more comfortable and fresh. Moreover, the design of natural elements combined with white gives the impression of a chic and soothing room.

Maximize the space

One of the tips and tricks for a small and limited residence is, to maximize the existing space to make it more functional, and neat, and also avoid the impression of stuffy and messy. Like this corner area that is often empty and rarely glanced at. You can use it as a storage area.

Author : Yuniar

Editor : Munawaroh

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