Soothing Tosca Design in a Minimalist Home

 Homlovely.comThis farmhouse-style minimalist house looks chic and comfortable. Taking Tosca and other pastel or soft colors gives this house a calm and relaxing accent. Let's review the details of the calming house below.

Exterior design

The exterior of this house looks dominated by Tosca color and a little combination of white. A minimalist house surrounded by plants makes the environment feel cooler and more relaxed.

Minimalist terrace

Although small in size, this terrace area is neatly designed and there are not many furniture or items. The floor that uses wood material also adds to the impression of a warm and neat residence.

Living room area

As for the interior, the room is dominated by white which gives the impression of a room that looks large and spacious. However, there are still Tosca accents which will certainly provide a more matching and eye-catching design.

Kitchen area

For the kitchen, there is a soft sage green color on the kitchen set. Juxtaposed with a white interior, of course, this makes the area look softer and aesthetic.


This minimalist bathroom has a full white design. However, there are some patterns in ceramics in some parts. This will certainly prevent the bathroom from a monotonous and boring design.

Sink area

Still dominated by white, this sink area also has other colors found in plants and mirror frames. Hang a mirror on the wall so that the design of this sink is more minimalist and doesn't make the impression of being messy or awkward.

Functional barrier

There are several areas that are designed without partitions. However, if you still want a barrier, you can get a minimalist and functional barrier. Like wearing a shelf as a barrier for example. In addition to functioning as a barrier, this shelf can also function as storage and also display some decorations.

Get plants at indoor

In order not to be monotonous and arid, you should place the plant indoors as a decoration. Whether it's a tiny or large plant, according to the place to go.

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Editor : Munawaroh

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