Simple House Design with Roof Deck and 2 Bedrooms (8.0 m x 8.6 m) -- What are you looking for from a dwelling, maybe in this house design. This house has a simple construction but all of the necessary entertainment features and rooms. This 86-sqm house will make your family's life so much more comfortable and enjoyable, with a roof deck and two bedrooms on the inside. Check simple house design with roof deck and 2 bedrooms (8.0 m x 8.6 m).

House facade design

This front view  gives the impression of being modern and stylish. The overall building takes on a two-story style, but with simple construction and pleasing details. The front elevation features a front porch with a secondary skin that enhances its beauty. The roof deck is visible from here, making the building so dimensional and enchanting. 

The aerial view

This house design can be an option for homes in dense cities where it is difficult to get a separate patio or large outdoor space. Instead of that, you can make a roof deck. Uses a sturdy flat roof to create a pleasant outdoor area with lounge chairs and other features. You can add greenery to give it a natural freshness.

The estimated cost

To build this house, you need at least an estimated cost of around 2.1 M pesos or $43k USD. Actual costs may vary depending on location, material specifications, and labor costs.

Great nice house finish

We love how this house is finished. It uses a minimalist color palette with good impact. The base color is white for the walls, followed by grayish-black on front elevation wall and door, which gives a stylish calming impression. The upper part gets a touch of brown, which adds a fresh natural color to the house's finishing.

Stunning living area

This living room will welcome anyone who enters the house. It has a large green rug that almost covers the entire floor, giving it a spacious feel. This ceiling may be a little lower than in other areas, but adding vertical accent lines and an elongated window model will highlight and open up this living room.

The floor plan reference

This house has a nice floor plan. Every space is well defined, without seeming too cramped and messy. First, you will see that the living area is limited by a wall as a TV backdrop to separate it from the kitchen + dining area. The bathroom is flanked by the two bedrooms for easy access.

The second-story floor plan

This is the second floor plan. After take up the stairs, you will find an entertainment area or make it the workspace you need. From here, you will also access the fun roof deck.

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Editor : Munawaroh
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