Simple Cozy House Design 8x12 Meters | 3 Bedroom

Simple Cozy House Design 8x12 Meters | 3 Bedroom -- The purpose of having a home is to provide a warm and cozy place to rest. It doesn't always need to look luxurious and require a lot of budget, you can make it simpler but still comfortable by adjusting the existing budget. Let's check the details of this simple and cozy house below!

Front View

Front View

The design chosen for this house is a simple and minimalist design style. With a bit of bungalow style, this house will feel so cozy. The color selection used is also beautiful with beige as the main color. There are some decorative trim on the facade, as well as some wall lights.

Modern Bungalow Style


Combining bungalow style and modern minimalism, this house is characterized by a spacious terrace. This terrace starts from the front to the side. Equipped with a sofa chair set and table, as well as a semi-circular swing chair that is comfortable for relaxing. There is also a collection of plants around the terrace.

Elegant Looks

Living Room

This is a sneak peek of the room interior. Minimalist yet elegant looking, right? This is thanks to the combination of beige, white, with the right lighting and interior design that fits perfectly. It can be seen that this house also uses the concept of open space, to make this not-so-spacious room seem more spacious.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

This house is consist of:

- Porch/Terrace

- Living, Dining, and Kitchen Area in Open Space

- 3 Bedrooms

- 2 Bathrooms in total

- Mini Laundry Room

To create a house like this, it would roughly require an estimated cost of Php 2.8M+ to Php3M+. This estimated price is for standard finishing only, and is not a fixed price. As costs may vary depending on your area, and many other factors.

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

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