Luxury Small Modern House Design | 3 Bedrooms | 11x12m

Luxury Small Modern House Design | 3 Bedrooms | 11x12m -- Making a home look elegant and luxurious does not have to spend a lot of budget. Even in a small house like this, it can look classy if designed properly and perfectly. Let's check the following home design details!

Elegant Looks

Front View

This is the front view of the House. The minimalist and contemporary design, with a square and asymmetrical facade shape with a prominent side of the house, gives it a unique dimension. The combination of exposed brick, wooden lattice, to the lights settings is what makes this facade look elegant.

Simple Design 

Rear View

Although this house from the front side looks luxurious and elegant, but actually this house has a simple overall design. In addition to the colorful front side, the other side of the house looks so simple without much decoration, but still beautiful. Like this rear view, there is a small terrace, but the decoration is very simple, there are only a few donwlight lamps that help light up around the house.

Vertical Garden


When entering the area in the house, we will be greeted by a collection of beautiful plants in the form of this mini vertical garden. Potted plants are arranged beautifull and neatly in a hanging shelf on the side of the wall. Of course, these plants will help in making the atmosphere of the house so much fresher and more alive.

Neat Layout

Living Room

This house has the right arrangement, so it looks neat. The living room is deliberately placed in the central area, with the kitchen on the back side, and the bedrooms on the left-and-right side. So that this living room feels spacious, especially with the concept of open space. The house also have a high ceiling design.

White Colors


If you look closely,this house uses a lot of white. The white color is made dominant, adjusting the limited land area, so that the room feels wider. White color also goes well with any color.

Wall Panel Decoration

Dining Room

There are many wall decoration options that you can choose to make the room look more elegant. Usually a classic elegant house will use wall molding, but now there are many other options, such as wall panels in this dining room. Combined with open shelves and yellow led strips, the end result is elegant and modern!

Mix-and-Match Colour


In addition to earthy colors with brown tones, you can also use other colors to create a luxurious and elegant atmosphere. There is nothing wrong with using dark colors as accents. There are many options, such as black, dark red, dark green, and navy blue. This bedroom itself uses a dark navy color as an accent in a white room, as well as an additional little brown color to make it standout!

Cheerful Vibes

Bedroom 2

In addition to an elegant and modern look, this house also has an exciting and fun side. One of these bedrooms, for example, looks cheerful. Not using an elegant dark color, but with a fairly soft gray color. The circle on the bed looks unique, a beautiful bedcover addition with a cute motif, perfect!

Marble Motif


Another thing that can give an elegant final look to the interior of the house is the use of marble motif ceramics. The distinctive, elegant and classy look, makes marble very popular. Marble motif ceramics are fully installed on the bathroom wall, so it looks really classy!

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

This house is consist of:

- Front and Back Terrace 

- Living room

- Dining and Kitchen Area

- 3 Bedroom

- 3 Bathroom

- Laundry Room

To make a house like this would require an estimated cost of around $19k - $20k. Of course this is only an estimated price for standard finishing, not a fix price. Prices can vary depending on the region as well as many other factors.

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

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