Beautifully Designed Small House 6x9m | 2 Bedrooms

Beautifully Designed Small House 6x9m | 2 Bedrooms -- Are you looking for home design ideas for small spaces? Then this compact 6x9 meter house design can be an inspiration for you. Let's check the details below! And see what's so special about this home design.

Trendy Boxy Design

Facade Design

For the concept, this house uses a modern style, as evidenced by the boxy shape of the facade. This trendy design will make the house look attractive. In addition to being cool, this house also feels minimalist and timeless, so it won't be left behind by trends and will last a long time.

Chic Details

Front View

This is a clearer view of the front side of the house. The design is simple and minimalist, but with charming details. You can see details such as the use of natural stone tiles, and wooden lattice as secondary skin. This house also appears to have a large terrace area, like a bungalow house. 

Flat Roof

Roof Design

In accordance with the design of the box facade, this house uses a flat roof. Although the name is flat, the roof actually has a slight slope. This is necessary to make it easier to maintain the roof, besides that dirt or rainwater will not stagnate and it is easier to come down.

Open Space

Living Area

When you first enter through the front door, you will immediately encounter this open space. With the kitchen and dining area on the right side, and the living room complete with sofa and TV on the left side of the room. 

The open space concept will really help make your small house feel more spacious. If you notice, the interior of this house uses a lot of warm earthy tones with a perfect setting!

Cozy Spaces

Master Bedroom

The house has 2 bedrooms, one of which is this master bedroom. The minimalist design seems to decorate this room perfectly. Details such as large glass window and door to provide maximum sunlight for the bedroom. The layout of the room also looks neat, it must be very cozy!

Full Facilities

Master Bedroom

This bedroom also comes with full amenities, despite its simple design. But in this master bedroom there is a wardrobe, a special work desk, and also a private bathroom. It seems to use a lot of furniture with simple and functional models. 



Unlike the other rooms, this bathroom area looks more interesting and colorful. All this is thanks to the use of wood-patterned tiles that are fully installed on the bathroom walls. In addition, although not too spacious, the facilities are sufficient, with a sink, toilet, and also a separate shower area. Not forgetting to provide enough ventilation.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

The main building of this house has a size of 6x9 meters, but in total the land area is 8x9 meters. Then the facilities owned by this house are approximately, with detailed layout as in the picture above:

- Terrace

- Living Area, Dining Area, and Kitchen Open Space

- 2 Bedroom

- Total 2 Bathrooms

Then to build a house like this, it will require an estimated cost of around $16,000 - 22,000 USD for a building with standard finishing. This price can also vary, depending on your area, and many other factors.

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

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