Amazing House Design 12x12m | 3 Bedrooms | Pinoy House

Amazing House Design 12x12m | 3 Bedrooms | Pinoy House -- This time, we will discuss about house design. This house design has a fairly large area of 12x12m, so it is perfect for those of you who want a spacious house for your family. Check out the following "Amazing House Design 12x12m | 3 Bedrooms | Pinoy House" to get a beautiful design with complete and neat facilities for your dream home!

Stunning Facade Design

Front View

Look charming and trendy. The facade of the house is unique with a sloping roof made with layers, thus making a neat dimension for this house. Great lighting set-up becomes the perfect combination for this blue&white facades, creating an elegant impression.

Roof Design

Facade View

As mentioned earlier, this house uses a sloping roof. Not only 1, but there are 3 roofs with different slopes and sizes. The roof design is also wider than the main building. The choice of dark color for the roof is very harmonious with the blue facade. From this side, you can also see the details of the facade more clearly.

Many Windows

Side View

From the front view of the house, we can see that this house has large glass windows. But not only that, this house also has a large number of windows. The size varies, but the design is similar, with an elegant black grid.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

This house is consist of:

- Porch/Terrace

- Living Area

- Dining and Kitchen Area

- 3 Bedrooms

- 2 Bathroom in total

- Laundry Room

To create a house like this, it would cost approximately Php 3.1M to Php 3.7M+ for standard finishing alone. This estimation cost can also vary depending on your area, and many other factors.

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