96 Sqm Simple Modern House Design With Shed Roof Idea

96 Sqm Simple Modern House Design With Shed Roof Idea 

Homiful.com -- Using a minimalist and modern home design style is not just enough. The beauty of the final appearance of the house is also very important, so that the owner feels happy and also more comfortable living in it. One example is this house, which has a very enchanting design! Let's check the details below.

Shed Roof Type

Front View

This house uses a shed roof model. One side of a shed roof is steeply sloppy. The high slope helps both snow and water drainage while also increasing attic or top floor space. Shed roofs are common on modest sheds and garages, but they may also be used on modern house.

Pretty Details

Facade Details

Besides using a minimalist and modern home design style, this house also looks stunning with its details! If you pay attention, this house has beautiful details thanks to the use of natural stones with different colors attached to the front wall and a few pillars. This house also has a spacious terrace, similar to a bungalow house but with a more modern touch.

Side Pathway

Side Walkway

This house has enough remaining land on the side of the house. Then this remaining land was made into a minimalist garden complete with a path to the back of the house. Besides looking neater, the atmosphere also feels more fresher, right?

White Interior

Living Area

The use of white color for the interior is highly recommended, especially for small houses, so that the room can seem more spacious. In addition, the white color is also very suitable for almost all interior design styles that will be used. In addition, also use the open space concept so that the room feels more cozy.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

This house has a building size of 96 Sqm, with facilities that are suitable for small families, including:

- Porch

- Carport

- Living, Dining and Kitchen in Open Space

- 3 Bedrooms in total

- 2 Bathrooms

- Laundry Room inside one of bathroom

To build a house like this, it would roughly require an estimated cost of around ₱2.4M $48K. Of course, this is only an estimated price for standard finishing only, not a fixed price. Prices can vary depending on the region and many other factors, so consult with an expert!

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

Source : Youtube Blue Chip Design

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