80 Sqm Small Eye-Catching House Design Ideas with 2 Bedroom


Homlovely.com -- Home design is an important thing to have before actually building a house. Several designs from home designs will really help you to estimate many things, such as the appearance of the facade, layout, size details, color selection, and financing. The following is a reference for those of you who want to build a house with a size of 8 x 10 M. Check 80 Sqm Small Eye-Catching House Design Ideas with 2 Bedroom .

House facade design

The facade of this house design has a minimalist look with a modern look. Details on the facade of the house are taken into account to maximize the aesthetics of the exterior of the house. For color selection, a combination of light and dark colors can provide an attractive element in the appearance of the facade of the house.

House plan design

The size of 8 x 10 meters owned by this house looks so comfortable by using the right size estimate for each room. Some of the rooms owned by this house include a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and 2 bedrooms. You can see the spatial layout in detail in the image above.

Living room

Entering the interior design of this house, there is a living room that occupies the very front. The right size can be filled with several pieces of furniture such as sofas, tables and television cabinets. The look of this room feels even more spacious with the use of large window designs in several corners. This window will also help the room get a beautiful outdoor view.

Dining room

The dining area is adjacent to the living room but is still separated by a partition so that each room has good privacy. The use of soft colors in the interior of this dining room will provide positive energy for the family.


This kitchen has an area adjacent to the dining table. The details of the use of color also have a matching appearance so that it has a style that blends well. The wood pattern in the kitchen set can also add a distinctive style to the room.


This house has 2 comfortable bedrooms that look spacious and comfortable. One of these bedrooms has a neat arrangement by placing the bed near the window so that it leaves space that can be used for other furniture such as cupboards and tables. Then, the design of large windows on some parts of the walls can give a broad effect to the bedroom and not be stuffy.

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