45 Sqm Simple House Design Concept | 2 Bedrooms

45 Sqm Simple House Design Concept | 2 Bedrooms  

Homlovely.com -- This 45 sqm house has been prepared by us with simple yet charming design details. The minimalist style, complete with the right spatial arrangement, makes it very suitable for a small family. Let's check the details!

Minimalist Looks

Facade Design

This simple look is supported by the dazzling 2-way wall light lighting type. The use of natural stone is a perfect combination to achieve an elegant finish, despite the small size of the house. The color combination is also perfect and not tacky.

Many Windows

Side View

Because the size is quite minimalist, this house needs to make the most of the existing space. One of them is placing many windows, or at least 1 window for one room. This will be very useful to make the room not feel tight, because air circulation can work properly, and you can even get direct sunlight.

Sloping roof

Roof Design

There are quite a few choices of roofing models that are suitable for small houses, or for those of you who are saving money. One of them is the sloping roof model used on this house. This roof is made to have 2 layers, of course with different slopes and levels to protect the building more optimally. In addition, there is also a small additional canopy for the terrace area.

Tight but Neat Layout

Living Area

Because the size is quite minimalist, the area of this house is also quite narrow. Therefore, the open space concept really helps to create a spacious impression in this room. Thanks to this, the interior is easier to organize neatly.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

This house is consist of:

- Porch

- Living, Dining, and Kitchen Area with Open Space Concept

- 2 Bedroom

- Bathroom and Laundry Area

To build a house like this, it would roughly require an estimated cost of around 900,000.00 Php - 1,100,000.00 Php, or 18,000 - 22,000 USD. Of course, these are not exact prices, as prices can vary depending on your area and many other factors. Consult with the experts!

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

Source : Youtube Pinoy House Designs

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