2-Storey of Feng Shui House for a Comfortable and Quiet Residence

 Homlovely.comThis minimalist 2-storey house applies Feng Shui for a comfortable residence and avoids things that make the house messy. Moreover, a mini garden inside the house gives the room a good atmosphere.

Facade design

Built 2 floors, the appearance of the façade of this house looks modern and has a fairly firm design. Natural elements make the house have a soothing atmosphere.

Terrace area

The terrace of the house facing the yard or carport area has a simple and minimalist design with wooden benches there are wooden elements on the wall which certainly makes it more attractive. Coupled with the presence of plants and lighting the terrace is more chic and comfortable to relax.

Mini garden

The mini garden area located in the middle of this residence has a simple design but is useful for the surroundings. There are trees, pebbles, as well as wooden benches that make the mini garden area comfortable. Moreover, the chic lights further complement the beauty of the garden.

Family area

The living room on the second floor has a good arrangement. Wooden floors and transparent glass guardrails make the design very chic and aesthetic. The unique ceiling also complements and enhances the impression of this living room.

Kitchen and dining room

The kitchen which is one area with a minibar or dining room is indeed efficient. Especially in the design facing the garden area, of course, it will give the kitchen and dining room a good view.

Laundry spot

The bottom of the empty stairs can be used as a laundry place. In addition to saving space, this will certainly make the design of the house more functional and not leave an empty area. The existence of an empty area will give the impression of an empty and dirty dwelling.

Author : Yuniar

Editor : Munawaroh

Source : fasadrumah

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